From Italian Socks Manufacturer to Worldwide Brand

Kappa was founded in 1967 in Turin, Piedmont in northern Italy not far from Milan's fashion metropolis. The company started producing socks in the early 1900s, but has been supplying high quality sportswear for both men and women since the sixties. Always focusing on good design.

Kappa Combines Sportswear and Streetwear

Kappa unites sportswear and streetwear and each collection focuses on playing with shapes, colors and materials. This innovative approach results in a wide variety, so there is something for everyone whether you are into the classic look or want fresh colors and creative designs. Whatever your style, Kappa clothing is for workouts as well as everyday life.

Kappa Pants and Shoes for Women and Men

At Kappa, you always find a wide selection of sportswear and streetwear for men and women. Our priority is to deliver clothes for your daily life, no matter what you need or where you are going. Explore our webshop and find everything from comfortable jogging pants and a wide selection of shorts and cool sweatshirts for a casual look. Or maybe a new pair of sneakers? Of course you will also find t-shirts and polo shirts in different colors and cuts that fit well into any wardrobe and of course jackets and tracksuits. Whatever you need, Kappa guarantees gorgeous, Italian design and quality.

The Iconic Kappa Logo

Kappa's iconic omini logo is easy to recognize with its shape of a man and a woman sitting back to back and leaning on each other. The logo symbolizes equality, recognition and mutual support, and it has done so since 1969.


The logo was created by chance during a photoshoot for a swimwear ad when a lamp highlighted the silhouette of a man and a woman leaning on each other. The silhouette became the foundation of Kappa's logo, as we know it today, and remains a symbol of quality and style.

Sportswear For some of the World's Best Sports Teams

Kappa has sponsored some of the world's best sports teams and dressed them for training and matches. In football, both Juventus, AC Milan, Ajax Amsterdam have worn Kappa's design, but also the Italian skiing team and English rugby players wore the iconic logo on thei