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Polo Shirt - Shirt Meets T-Shirt

Polo shirts are much more than a t-shirt with collar and buttons. The polo shirt began as a sports uniform for tennis and golf players, with the collar turned upwards to protect the neck from the sun's beams. Today, it is an essential part of any man's wardrobe. The polo shirt’s greatest advantage is its versatility. With a polo shirt and a pair of shorts and sneakers or sweatpants, you look sporty, and with a pair of jeans or chinos you get a casual, yet stylish look for the office. You just need to choose your look of the day.

Men's Polo Shirts by Kappa

Kappa also has a polo shirt for you. Whether you need an alternative to t-shirts, the polo shirt is every man's trusted companion. Choose from a wide variety of colors, but one thing is always the same: Kappa's good quality and innovative design to suit today's lifestyle.

Women's Polo Shirts

Tennis legends like Williams and Wozniacki have proven it time and time again. Polo shirts also look good on women - even after three tough sets on the tennis court. You do not have to be a professional sports athlete to wear your polo shirt, because it also looks good as part of a casual outfit. See Kappa's selection of women's polo shirts.

The History of the Polo Shirt from Sportswear to Everyday Shirt

If you think there is something preppy about polo shirts, you are not mistaken. Polo shirts were invented in the late 1800s when the British upper class began to cultivate outdoor activities such as polo (hence the name) and cricket. A few decades later, a French tennis player named Lacoste saw a need for softer and comfortable clothes for the tennis court, and he designed the first polo shirt as we know it today. Today, polo shirts are still the obvious choice for workout clothes, but also for a day at work or school.