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Shorts for Men

Shorts are not just shorts. As a man you can choose between many different types and materials from denim to lycra. They are available in countless colors and cuts, and you can get them under the knee or as short as athletes wore them in the 80's. What you prefer is up to you. At Kappa, we provide a wide selection of high quality clothes.

Shorts for Sports and Summer

Shorts are not just short pants. Some may think they are just for workouts or an alternative to long pants. They are wrong. Because they give you maximum freedom of movement and are comfortable to wear, they are perfect when temperatures rise on sunny summer days or when you work out in the fitness center or in the sports club. They give your legs and body air and cool you down so you can perform even better while rocking your sports or summer look.

Style Your Shorts as You Like

In some workplaces, you cannot wear shorts as they are considered to be too casual. Fortunately, this unwritten rule is in retreat, and today you can easily wear a pair when you dress up for a day at school or the office. Style them with t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts or sneakers for a cool, casual and sporty look. The possibilities are many, the rules are few, so style your outfit as you like.


Kappa Unites Sportswear and Streetwear

Kappa takes the best from sportswear and streetwear. Comfortable materials that allow the skin to breathe while working out as well as great designs that dress you for everyday wear. Whatever you need, you can choose from a wide selection of good quality clothes and shoes.