Sweat pants

Sweat pants
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Sweatpants for Men

For some men, sweatpants are just something they wear to the gym or at football practicing etc. For others, it is a regular part of the “home uniform.” This means the first thing they do when coming home is to change out of their chinos or jeans and into their soft, spacious trousers and enjoy their afternoon or evening in the most comfortable way. We at Kappa believe that sweatpants today can be used in many more situations than training and relaxation, which is why you always find a wide selection here in our webshop.

Be Part of the Athleisure trend

Athleisure is a contraction of the English words for athletics and relaxation and is a trend which combines sports elements with urban fashion trends, so you can also wear it for other occasions than sports and training. These types of clothes are for all of us who like to dress comfortably and stylish, but who do not train up to complete a Marathon challenge or go to the gym every day. Athleisure wear is becoming more popular as the years go by, and of course Kappa also offers a wide selection of shorts, tracksuits, sneakers and polo shirts.

What Is the Difference Between Men's Sweatpants and Jogging Pants?

These types of pants have different names. However, they are both sportswear. Jogging pants are named after jogging, which became popular in the 70s. They are often made of lycra or a blend of polyester and cotton. Sweatpants are typically made in a slightly looser design and made in thicker cotton fabric.

Sportswear for Women from Kappa

Sportswear is for both men and women. Who does not need a comfortable workout outfit and everyday life? Therefore, you will also find a large selection of sportswear for ladies.