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T-shirts: A Basic Element of Your Wardrobe

T-shirts are an indispensable part of any wardrobe. Whatever your style is, you need t-shirts. Named after the 20th letter of the alphabet, this shirt goes with everything and is comfortable on hot summer days or as an extra layer under the sweatshirt. Therefore, t-shirts are inevitably a cornerstone part of any wardrobe and you should always have at least a handful ready in the closet.

Choose a Short-sleeved or Long-sleeved T-Shirt or Both

At work, at school, at college. In your spare time or for workout and sports. At Kappa, you find a wide selection of t-shirts for professional, private and sport use. Choose from different cuts, colors and prints or between the short-sleeved or long-sleeved t-shirt to be dressed for your activities of the day.

From the Classic White T-Shirt to a Splash of Colour

The t-shirt has been called fashion's answer to Big Mac. It is, on one hand, a simple piece of clothing, yet contains a wealth of possibilities. Just look at how many occasions you can use a t-shirt. On a casual day off it is a must and even under your newly ironed shirt, while wearing your best suit, it is included. The classic white t-shirt fits everything, but you can also power up your outfit with strong colors, eye-catching logos or wild prints.

Men's T-Shirts that Fit Everything

At Kappa, you find streetwear and sportswear in creative designs and good quality. Match your t-shirt with shorts and sneakers on hot days, or go all in on the sporty look with jogging pants. Whatever you match your t-shirt with, Kappa offers a great selection of clothing of high quality.